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Health, Recreation and Positive Social Interaction

Recreational activities allow members to hone their socialization skills through participation in friendly competitive sports, games and talent contests. These also allow youth to engage in activities that raise their metabolism, supporting a healthy body. Some youth also just come to relax in the lounge area and decompress mentally after a long day of school or other of life’s challenges. In addition, many of the programs have social health activities embedded in the program model to support city and state efforts to reduce youth violence, gang involvement, and transition youth successfully from incarceration back into the community.

Transitional Support services assist youth to select the most appropriate programs and activities. The staff supports them to achieve along their journey through the multiple program pathways the Center has to offer and to refer youth to other organizations when the need arises.

Counseling services are provided at no cost by the Mass Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Children (MSPCC) through our partnership in the Hope Coalition, which was once incubated by WYC. The MSPCC counselor is onsite and functions as an integrated member of the staff. The service is provided in private offices within the Center. Outside referrals are made when appropriate. The service is unobtrusive, non-judgmental and works to dispel the stigma associated with mental health. The counseling staff also works with other staff to share best practices in confidentiality, identifying signs of abuse and/or mental health concerns and more.

Genders specific groups are run during the school year. One Circle is offered in conjunction with Sullivan Middle School, Plumley Village and the Latino Education Institute and is for middle school-aged girls. High school girls and boys can participate in Sisterhood or Man Up. The youth who participate in these discussion groups acquire knowledge about current events and a variety of skills associated with self-control, positive body image, self-worth, human growth and development.

Healthy food and snacks are offered to members daily. Youth come in and are offered dinner that is provided by our partner Friendly House. In addition, snack items are available through certain program budgets and generous funders.

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