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Academic Support

The relationship between academic success and future earnings cannot be understated. The Bureau of Labor Statistics suggests that a high school graduate can earn $1,000,000 more over his or her lifetime than someone who does not complete high school. The Center provides a range of academic support activities that target both young adults and adolescents who need to improve their educational outcomes, including remaining in or graduating from high school or entering post-secondary education.

High School Equivalency classes are self-paced and designed to meet the individual needs of each student. Some students complete coursework in a few months while most take longer. Our programs are bilingual in Spanish and can accommodate students who may take up to several years to finish. Our program staff is non-judgmental and supports those who are interested in furthering their education, even when “life gets in the way” and puts education on hold for a time. Classes are offered onsite year-round to any youth who has dropped out of school, for whatever reason, and is seeking an alternative way of improving their potential for future success.

Leap to College is designed to assist youth in gaining access to higher education. It helps them to apply for financial aid and scholarships, complete college applications, and do college tours. It also helps college bound youth with low scores on placement examinations to obtain academic support. This saves them valuable financial resources that would otherwise go towards remedial coursework. This activity is offered as a stand alone option for youth or is incorporated in a continuum of other learning activities at the Center.

Several scholarships are available to members of the Center who exemplify outstanding performance, character and dedication to enroll and complete higher education. Named for past Executive Directors, the Adolfo Arrastia Beacon of Light Scholarship is managed by the Greater Worcester Community Foundation and the Hilda Ramirez Fund is another scholarship run by the Center. From time to time, other opportunities are permitted through the generosity of our donors.

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