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It’s like another family – everyone always welcomes you with open arms.
Youth Member

Welcome to Worcester Youth Center
, a place where young people can build lasting, positive change in their lives!

Since 1994, the Worcester Youth Center has provided a safe space for education, health and recreation programs for inner city youth. The only free teen “drop-in” center with structured programs and support groups in Worcester, it serves more than 900 young people ages 14 to 24 each year, and nearly 400 are regular participants in its leadership and practical learning programs. The Center registers more the 15,000 visits a year.

Youth Development Approach

When youth first arrive at the Center, they undertake an assessment process to explore their interests and map out a path to reach their personal goals. See our youth development model here.


From recreational outlets to acquiring critical skills, our programs are developed in response to youth interests and to support their transition to independent living.

Success Stories

New possibilities are a hallmark of Worcester Youth Center and its program and services. Click here to learn about members who have embarked upon building positive changes in their lives.